Here are a few thoughts you may find entertaining or possibly even enlightening! If you have any good ones feel free to send them and they may even be published to this page!

"What is at the heart of prayer is not so much a petition for our own needs but a wish to listen in the fullest sense to God. To hear Him in the deepest silence and to say, 'Thy will be done.' ...For prayer is not an insurance policy against the worst outcomes but a way of embracing God in what befalls us." Catherine Pepinster
"Our world listens to witnesses much more than it will to teachers." John Paul II
"One keeps an intimate relationship going by calculating, not ways of getting but ways of giving. One sustains affection, not by being served but by serving. One keeps the fire of love burning hot and bright, not by thinking about oneself but by being concerned with the good of the other. Paradoxically, one gets the most for oneself by being the most unselfish." Andrew M. Greeley
"The most pointed and poignant question is not why we die but why we live at all."  Andrew M. Greeley
"Advent is not about waiting for the baby Jesus as though nobody had told us He had already arrived. It is, rather, about trying to make sense of that intense and disturbing imperative for completeness that always eludes us, that burns in our flesh and that never leaves us alone." Daniel O'Leary (The Tablet)

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