Here are a few excerpts from the many letters Fr. Timmins has received from people who have read his books.

“As my brief e-mail indicated, your book Nothing for Granted is very refreshing. I am not sure I had any expectations, but to read the story of Christ with a candid and frankness that reflect the reader's own doubts and apprehensions is very enjoyable. You give permission to doubt and read on everywhere in the book. However, you also remind us as readers that if we have not put down the book it is because the desire to believe is stronger than our doubts. The book continues to present the evidence and I am sure many have written you to say they are comforted, convinced and renewed. I am looking forward to The Candle and the Flame.” -Christopher Joy, Vancouver, B.C.

“...I have finished The Candle and The Flame. It is splendidly written and so very honest. I am very moved by it.” -Rev. Allan Peterkin S.J. Toronto

“...I just finished reading both of your books. I found them insightful, refreshing, and uplifting... I just had to let you know how much I appreciated your writings...” -Father Bernard Sloan, Moncton N.B. Canada.

“I read your Candle and the Flame. I must say that I am grateful for your willingness to share your experiences. So often, so much of such experience is taken to the grave and those who follow are left with regulations from which to begin over again.” -Father Steve Dubas S.J.(Montreal, Quebec)

“Your book 'Nothing for Granted' is very easy to understand. I have two teenagers at home - they said it's not often they find a book about religion which is not boring. We are looking forward to reading the next one.” -R. Peltevolt (Montreal, Quebec)

“Your down-to-earth approach in 'Nothing for Granted' is personal and understandable.” -Rose Mayo (Montreal, Quebec)

“'The Candle and The Flame'... is lucid, learned and joyous. I particularly enjoyed the story of your mother in the confessional. She was a great lady and I wish I could have had a chance to know her.” -Murray Ballantyne (Westmount, Quebec)

“ write a book so personal and so loving is a tribute to the author... Much more than that - it is a tribute to God, and His Holy Spirit has surely guided you in its writing.” -Victoria Marriot (Toronto, Ontario)

“I am over half way through your book, and it is not at all what I had expected. I fancied it would be an entertaining, light kind of anthology of funny anecdotes from life as a parish priest. Instead I find an articulate, clear presentation of things theological, as well as a balanced view of things practical, e.g., your treatment of marriage, the tribunal, etc. ... 'The Candle and the Flame' is now a reference work on my book shelf.” -Father Harry Gaffney (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

“'The Candle and the Flame', your memories of life as a pastor, moved me to laughter and tears.” -Mary O'Rourke (Pointe Claire, Quebec)

“It was with great pleasure that I read your book, Father. It helped give a new meaning to the word 'God' and certainly has given me much to think about. It will be read over again.” -Bernice McCauliffe (Montreal, Quebec)

“Reading [your book] was just wonderful, timely too with Pope John visiting the USA. As a Protestant, remembering your words brought more meaning to the event. It was a warm personal book which deserves to be read a second time.” -Bert Williams (Cohoes, New York)

“ approach matters of faith in a way which satisfies us as human beings, and in a language which is lucid and engaging. We feel that this is the living faith of a real person.” -Jacqueline Hertz (Ottawa, Ontario)

“It was with great pleasure and enjoyment to read your book which I can relate to as the most simple form of catechism I have ever been exposed to in my 65 nearly 66 years. To be a disciple of Christ is to read this book and learn in today's terms, the history of the first followers of the true Lamb of God. You have been commended by many more known and famous than I, but as one who tries in thought, word and deed, I felt that you may wish to know that the reading of 'Nothing for Granted' was a highlight of my Christian life and in a mystery novel, the book was difficult to put down.” -Roger Bissonnette (St. Bruno, Quebec)

“You're not just an emphatic speaker, you're a riveting writer. Your opening 'In Someone Else's Garden' set the tone: a real person writing about real people's emotions and reactions... and uncertainties. From start to finish, you breathed life into myth, gave substance to feelings, made sense of miracles, gave sight to 'blind faith'. ...'Nothing for Granted... Stepping Stones to God' is lucid, intelligent, understanding, understandable, stimulating, honest, down-to-earth and easy to read.” -Ann Semple (Montreal, Quebec)

“What a wonderful book (The Candle and the Flame). I feel like we have just had an intimate conversation that has lasted for three days. ...I cannot tell you how easy I found it to grasp what you were saying - you did manage to take something dry and complicated and turn it into 'breathing' simple concepts.” -Carolyn Stace (Ayr, Ontario)

“My mother sent me a copy of your book. What a wonderful book! ...It was so personally written I felt like we were in conversation... there were many times when I felt 'Oh wow that's just what I wanted to know'... it was truly exciting...I have been having a hard time understanding God and have been quietly drifting away. I am worried about not being able to hand down to my little children that special gift of faith my parents gave me. Finally I have such a feeling of hope. I feel such warmth now for God. I can't thank you enough for writing this book...”
-Eileen McAuliffe (Kenora, Ontario)