Welcome to the downloads page! This is where you can download the free electronic versions of Fr. Timmins' books. The books are in the PDF file format so you will need to have  Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program (see instructions below).

Nothing for Granted
...stepping stones to God

The Candle and the Flame:
A parish priest reflects upon his
church and ministry...

Here are some instructions to help you with the download process. If you have difficulty downloading or using the books, please contact support@digitalheights.com.

1. Viewing the books within your internet browser
Clicking one of the book covers will download and open the PDF document inside your internet browser window.

2. Saving the books to your hard drive
If you'd prefer to save the PDF files to your hard drive so that you can read them outside your internet browser, right-click on the book cover. A contect menu should appear.

If you are using Internet Explorer, choose "Save Target As..."

If you are using Netscape, choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Link Target As..."

Choose a folder to save the file in and then open it using Acrobat Reader.

Once the download has finished, locate the file and open it. Acrobat Reader should start automatically. Several electronic bookmarks have already been added so make sure you turn on the bookmarks panel. You can also add your own bookmarks to help you remember where you left off.

How to obtain Adobe's free Acrobat Reader
Use the following link to download Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website. The link will open in a new browser window. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, just close the Adobe window and you will return to this page.