Here are a few thoughts you may find entertaining or possibly even enlightening! If you have any good ones feel free to send them and they may even be published to this page!

"Why is desire always stronger than satisfaction?" Author Unknown
"The problem with commitment is that every choice implies a thousand renunciations." Author Unknown
"Spirituality is about what we do with the fire inside of us." Ronald Rolheiser in "THE HOLY LONGING" ( A wonderful book!)
When Tip O’Neil was about to retire from his position in the U.S. Congress, his wife expressed anxiety. When asked what about the prospect of his retirement bothered her, she is quoted as having said: "WHEN I MARRIED HIM IT WAS FOR LIFE BUT NOT FOR LUNCH!"  
"Christianity is about what is true and real, and about the hope that lives deep beneath the truth. It is about generating light out of darkness and life out of death." Author Unknown

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