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"When our focus changes from our stuff to HIS face, everything else will fit into place." Author Unknown
A Runner's Prayer...
When I feel the sun cup my face in its hands while the warm, gentle breeze slides over my skin like a satin negligee, I want to shout my thanks to God out loud. When I feel my legs stretch and my body fly by the beauty and vastness of this land, I feel so blessed; I feel that I can soar. When the sound of the water lapping against the shore fills my senses with its soothing music, I hear God speak of love and beauty. As I watch the waves roll in with ever decreasing strength 'til they disappear into the dry ground, I am filled with questions about their journey. It is as though the waves offer me their collection of lives touched along its way to our shore, as if gathering the thoughts and hopes of all those who have gazed upon the wandering water, into large arms, and I am presented with a bouquet as they bow out and leave me to smell deep and marvel in the rich colours and inherent hope of each bloom. How can God not exist! How can I not be thankful for this life that I have been given? 
J.E.C. Kingston, Ontario
Overheard in the Vinyl Café... "Everyone says what a great dancer Fred Astaire used to be, but what about Ginger Rogers who did everything he did but backwards and in high heels!" 
"The faith of a child cannot support the life of an adult." Cardinal Maradiega, Honduras
"The ever increasing pace at which society functions is robbing our relationships of substance and quality." Author Unknown

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