God Wants to Interact With His Creation
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B

I think that it is safe to say that the central theme of Jesus' Gospel message is the Kingdom or, if you prefer, the Reign of God.

The word "gospel" can be traced to the word "hope" and from there to our usual Greek inspired translation into "good news" ...or to be more specific, the good news of the hope that is offered us in and through Jesus ...a hope that makes life worth living.

This message of hope comes to us directly from God in the person of Jesus.

Modern scholars of biblical languages tell us that the Aramaic word used by Jesus and translated into Greek as "kingdom" or "reign" would have been more accurately translated within the context of a people working together to start to live out heaven here and now whilst being guided by Divine Counsel.

You see, words like King and Kingdom would have come very naturally to early Greek translators but not very likely to Jesus.

Personally, I welcome the recent and ongoing evolution in scientific methodology that is proving to be a rich source of inspiration for scholars of Christian traditions who seek to find the right words in modern language to reproduce with a higher degree of accuracy what Jesus really said.

In today’s gospel we get a glimpse of how God wants to interact with his creation and do his part to help us move along in the right direction ...leading to the harvesting of our efforts which He has enabled ...not by ROYAL command but by gentle, loving, personal attention.

He encourages us to look for opportunities to heal and give ...promising to be with us and to work his miracles unseen and unheard and mostly undetected.

Jesus reminds us that, "His Kingdom" this process of working together to live out heaven here on earth is a slow one that takes time.

But we can handle that. We are a faithful, hope-filled people!

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