The Feast of God
Trinity Sunday, Cycle All

The feast of God... Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

As I write these words, the Apostle Philip comes to mind. You might remember him as the Apostle who became impatient with Jesus and with His way of speaking.

Jesus was discussing His unique relationship with the father and Philip found the whole subject to be more than he could handle, and so he interrupted Jesus, "Lord, Show us the Father and then, anchored to that we can go forward on firm ground!"

I think that Philip was making it clear that he had enough problems believing in God and wanted that cleared up before moving on.

If so, then, I know where he was coming from! Do you?

I have, from time to time, been pulled up short, thinking that God can be so hard to believe in!

Someone who, directly or indirectly, made, from nothing, all that we can see and otherwise sense... and so much more...

Someone whose will supports in existence all of that which is, so that, if for an instant, He forgot me... I would cease to exist!

So hard to imagine!

But then simple observation and consequent logic tell us that we dwell in a world characterized by contingency. Everything depends upon what preceded it.

So in the deepest of deep past there must have been an uncaused first cause pointing toward everything... so one of the questions most asked by humankind still hangs there...

"What went bang when the big bang banged and how did it get there?"

There is a basic philosophical statement that says: "You cannot give what you have not got."

This means that this knowing, willing uncaused force contains within itself all the potential of that which is and ever will be.

So, would you like to meet HER?

Jesus says to Philip that he is one with this Creator and he refers to the Creator as FATHER!

What more can I say?

In so many words Jesus went on to tell us, "Yes, I am Mary’s son but I am also the perfect image of our Heavenly Father... So perfect that I share his fundamental identity... His Divinity... His GODness..."

And the love we have or each other is so great that our very essence, our Divine essence is poured into it, nothing is held back, so that our love for each other is in itself Divine.

It is that Divine Spirit of Love that energizes all true love in Creation.

So are we then left with 3 Gods? The Divine Father, The Divine Son, The Divine Spirit. NO, what we are left with is a mystery that confounds us but is no less real for that.

Daring to compare the incomparable, we might say that like the well cut diamond, the facets of which reflect, in their own unique way, the beauty that belongs to the entire stone... so too do the three persons of the Blessed Trinity reflect in THEIR own unique way that which is the one God of Abraham, Isaac and Jesus... and, of course, their spiritual progeny.

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