What a Blessing!
2nd Sunday of Easter, Cycle B

I have learned over the years to read the Scriptures within the context of one obvious question. And that question is: "What am I to learn from this particular passage?"

As for the gospel story we have just read, I do not think it is just a simple story about Thomas and or the nature of doubt. Nor do I see it as just another indication of Jesus having risen; though it clearly relates to all of the above.

But at this moment this well-known story speaks to me of Jesus' love and concern for each one of us.

I suggest that one of the blocks that people tend to come up against in their relationship with God is how, given the millions of us on the planet at any given time, how can God know and love me INTIMATELY?

Not just when my number comes up for special attention ...but constantly every moment of every day!

The answer, of course, is that the very concept of Divinity rests upon being limitless, in the sense of being absolutely unrestrained by time, or place, or motion, or numbers or size or distance.

Now ...though theoretically we might vaguely grasp this, we will never be able to imagine it. We live in the finite created world and therefor will never be able to understand the infinite. We simply lack the natural "equipment" to do so.

It took special inspiration and personal attention for Thomas to catch up to the others, but Jesus personally gave him both the time and the inspiration and Thomas, apparently, never looked back. Like so many, he eventually followed Jesus to Martyrdom.

When you think about it, Jesus could easily have reasoned that having apparently convinced the others of his current existence, he could move on to other concerns and leave Thomas to eventually be confirmed in the faith by his brothers and sisters.

But NO! During his time of need, Thomas was not just one of many. He was the only one.

What sincere intimacy! What a supportive revelation for us! What a blessing!

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