God is a Community
Body and Blood of Christ, Cycle All

Last week, in reflecting upon the Blessed Trinity, we wondered at God revealing himself to be a community of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and how we are blessed so as to imagine that community of truth and goodness ...blessed as knowers and as lovers, in relationship with God and with each other.

Over countless years this sacred communion of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and its potential to be reflected in rational creation might possibly have been glimpsed by gifted and graced men and women, but was none the less, unrecognized.

Humanity was allowed to mature until the right moment came when part of that Divine Trinity, the second person to be exact, without sacrificing anything of Divinity, assumed our humanity.

Jesus was born and eventually walked among our forefathers ...teaching and healing. He made us aware of our true dignity and worth and of our freedom and the responsibility that came with it.

Jesusí wisdom and love knew no bounds. He gave and he gave until there was nothing left to give. But, just before he called upon The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity to replace him in the forefront of the evolving economy of our personal salvation, he looked into the future and he saw you and he saw me and he loved us. He loved us as much as he loved John or Peter or Mary Magdalene or even his Mother.

He could not close that chapter of history that had begun with his birth and would end with his Ascension into heaven without welcoming us into the same intimate relationship that for a time had been enjoyed only by his mother, and then, during that last week, by his closest companions.

And so it was that he offered us a flesh and blood relationship with him and consequently, with His mother and with each other for as long as we and our progeny should live. Holy Communion, The Eucharist, Corpus Christi, The Body of Christ, AMEN

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