Angels, Archangels, & Us

Angels are purely spiritual beings created by God to serve him freely in the role of being messengers and protectors of humanity.

In the order of creation they fit into a logical slot between God and Humanity.

They are common to Jewish, Islamic and Christian traditions.

Jesus clearly believed in their existence and they played a major role in his life as well as that of his mother.

There is evidence of some sort of system of rank within the Angelic world with archangels filling the more important roles.

Because, like us, they are created in freedom, angels have the ability to sin.

In spite of their favoured position of eternal life within the beatific vision, soon after their corporate creation, some of them, in their pride, chose not to be servants of God whom they saw as their equal.

They were led by the Archangel known to tradition as Satan or Lucifer and banished for all eternity from Godís presence ...a condition that we call hell.

The remainder, led by the Archangel Michael, made their choice to serve God for all eternity. I have been asking myself ...could some of them still become followers of Satan?

I donít know! It would seem to hang on the nature of "free will" Öconsidered within the context, not of "time", but of "eternity" ...the eternal NOW without any Past or FUTURE!

Something to chew on! Because the answer might well point toward our moment of truth when we are no longer in that always a tomorrow, always another chance dimension ...and stepping into the eternal "now" faced with the most important question of all.

In the final analysis, after all these years, after all has been said and done, what have I amounted to?

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