A Gift to Be Shared
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A

People who are going through a rough patch in their lives often say to me, "I donít know where I would be without my Faith to sustain me!"

To find consolation in one's Faith is surely a blessing.

To let others see that the source of your strength is your faith in God is to share that blessing with them.

Clearly, when we are hurting the most is often the time that we are best positioned to significantly affect the lives of others through our example of Faith.

Could anything be more reflective of the crucified Christ?

A person that I had instructed and received into the Church suffered the cruel loss of her husband at an early age.

Moments after the burial, her sister approached me and tearfully but calmly pleaded with me, "Please give me what you gave her!"

For me this was an extremely moving example of what Jesus meant when he said, "Let your light shine before others."

Treasure your Faith but always remember that ultimately it is given to you by God and no one else.

He will choose instruments and use situations to facilitate the process but he alone is the giver of the gift, a gift that is meant to be seen by those whose lives you touch, especially those who love and respect you.

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