Category: Advent
Where Would We Be Without John?
"Gaudiamus" ----- Rejoice!
Rejoice in the Lord Always!
Rejoice because you are ready, you are prepared.
Jesus Son of Joseph
Was Joseph taken by Surprise?
All those Advents... All those Christmases
"Lord it is good for us to be here!"
God "Pitched His Tent" in Mary’s Womb
Do not miss the strong Eucharistic imagery in this Gospel
Looking Forward
An Advent perspective
John sets the Scene
Mary completes it.
Christmas is Coming
Advent is where it starts.
From sun god to Son of God
"I am the light of the world."
God the Only True Source of Hope
There are few more lonely situations than being "out there" trying to do the right thing and always swimming against the tide... Let Jeremiah's example be a source of encouragement!